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New AP French test coming 2012:information and updates

The following video interviews will introduce you to the rationale behind the redesigned AP® French Language and Culture course. They outline the details of the curriculum framework, including modes of communication, thematic instruction and achievement level descriptions, as well as the implications for classroom instruction.

The new exam:
- If you’ve looked at the framework on College Board site (http://www.host-collegeboard.com/ap/coursechanges/subject_specific_french.htm) you will have seen the basis for the new course and exam format are the ACTFL standards for language learning and performance. You will also see that the exam is focused on the 3 modes of communication (interpersonal, presentational, interpretive). In other words – it’s a much more ‘contextualized’ real-world exam format, which no longer looks to test discrete items. The course should focus on the 6 themes presented (these themes are the same across all the new World Languages Courses). The course and test were developed using the backwards design model and the process of using “essential questions” to guide activities and assessments.

- The fill-in sections (verbs, function words) are not going to be in the new exam
- The listening rejoinders section (short listening) will not be in the new exam
- The proposed (being piloted this fall) exam sections look as follows:
Section I (50%) – interpretive communication is the focus (ie- being able to interpret written and spoken communication)
65 (approx) multiple choice questions spread across 9 sets/groupings. 4 of the 9 are readings, 2 of the 9 are reading+listening combined, and 3 of the 9 are exclusive listening sets)
Listening Sections will most likely NOT be longer than 3 minutes! Audio will be played 2x for students

o Section II (50%) – Interpersonal and Presentational Communication is the focus (being able to communicate with others, and present information, either orally or in writing)
4 Free-Response Questions which cover
1. Interpersonal writing (email, letter, etc)
2. Presentational writing (formal letter or other formal written communication)
3. Interpersonal Speaking (dialog – similar to current Spanish AP Exam, for ex.) – for example – a dialogue requiring 5 responses from the student of approx 20 sec in length, such as a simulated phone conversation.
4. Presentational Speaking (formal speaking to a group or other audience)

- The testing items will no longer be decontextualized! Instead, students will see information on the source of items, including the timeframe of publication, the audience, location, etc.
- Students will be given advanced organizers of some type to plan their responses
- Students will be tested on “culture” as part of the overall exam, not as a discrete (trivia type) assessment.
- The main focus of the new course is authentic materials! Make sure your students are exposed to a variety of listening (podcasts, reportages, music…), reading (announcements, bandes annonces for films or events, PSAs, articles, text extracts – including literature texts, publicités, etc.), and speaking opportunities. The college board will be making available an ANNOTATED RESOURCE GUIDE (not sure when) where many of these sources will be findable by type of resource and aligned with the 6 themes! You should be able to reuse many of the sources you already use in class if you use TV5.monde, RFI, any newspapers, magazines, films, books, etc.

The detailed published timeline for the course audit for the revised exam is found here http://www.host-collegeboard.com/ap/coursechanges/courseaudit.htm. We were told that sample syllabi would be available in advance of our audit -We were told that a practice exam might be available Feb 2011 and another next June 2011 – I think the timelines are a bit fluid, as CB is still pilot-testing the exam. Check with your regional College Board representative !!

Here is the general timeline which we were given at the meetings:
COURSE AUDIT à begin March 2011 through Jan 2012 (see the website above for more and up-to-date detail)
PRACTICE EXAMS à avail Feb 2011, June 2011

Resources to help practice for the test

Listening practice
DELF #1:series of short listening sections-good for Fr. 2/3

DELF National French testing center info/resources